Cub Scout program changes take effect June 1, 2015.

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Tiger, Wolf, Bear and Webelos Ranks

When a boy first joins the Cub Scout program, the first award earned is the Bobcat Badge.  Cub Scout ranks are assocated with a boys age.  First graders earn the rank of Tiger, second graders Wolf, third graders Bear, fourth graders Webelos I, and fifth graders Webelos II.

Belt Loops

Cub Scouts earn belt loops to wear with their uniform when they complete three specific requirements for each Academics or Sports activity. You can take part in three ways: (1) by yourself or with your family, (2) in your den or pack, or (3) in school.


The Belt Loop program will be discontinued on June 1, 2015.








Academic & Sports Pins

Once you have earned the belt loop, you can stop.  But if you want to do more with the activity, you may complete extra requirements to earn a pin.  A good place to display Academics and Sports pins is on the Academics and Sports letter. You can wear the letter on a sweater or a jacket, or display or frame it. The letter does not go on the Cub Scout uniform. There are no special requirements for earning the letter, because it's just for displaying the pins.


The Activity Pin program will be discontinues on June 1, 2015.







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