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Why should I become an adult member of the troop?


Two-deep leadership is required on all outings, which means at least two registered adult leaders, or one registered leader and a parent of a participating Scout or other adult, one of whom must be 21 years of age or older, are required for all trips and outings.


The more adults that are registered, the more we have to assist in leading outings. Plus, by being a registered adult member of thetroop, you are eligible for awards for training. Additionally, the BSA has insurance that covers 'registered youth and adults' when at Troop meetings or planned outings. Also, registered adults will receive Scouting Magazine...a wealth of information for leaders.



Am I required to complete a background check?


The Boy Scout adult application requests information that is utilized for background checks. Additionally, because we are chartered by the Knights of Columbus through a Catholic church, the Dioceses of Tucson requires all adults to complete a diocesan background check and finger printing as well.


How do I apply for adult membership?


Fill out the Adult Application and turn it in to the Troop Committee Chair for approval. Don't forget to list your references; people who know about your experiences working with youth. The forms can be found at Troop Meetings, the Troop Website, the Catalina Council Scout Office, or on the National website at 


Does the troop expect me to help out?


What would be more natural than a parent willing to help out with a group his or her son is a member of? Parents set the best example for youth involvement by being involved themselves. Remember the old saying, 'many hands make light work?' The Troop would run out of volunteers before it would run out of jobs! By helping out, you contribute to the success of the whole group, not just your own son. How much do I have to help out? As much as you'd like, but remember taking on too many jobs may impact how well you do just one. There are all kinds of jobs, so ask if there is one available that you can fit in to your schedule.


Is there a list of things that I can do?


We have a list of positions. To see if there are any open positions or to inquire about a specific job you already have in mind, please contact the Troop Committee Chair.




Am I expected to attend the weekly troop meeting?


Expected - No. Encouraged - Yes. It's always helpful to check first to see if there are enough leaders to oversee the meeting. (see two deep leadership above.) If not, please consider staying. Adults are always needed to help with Boards of Reviews during meetings. You may be surprised how much you could learn about the program! Besides, boys do like to see their parents involved.



Am I invited to the monthly committee meetings?


Yes!! All parents and leaders are invited and encouraged to attend.



Am I allowed to attend camping trips and outings?


YES!! The more adults that attend, the better. Please see adult registration for more details.




Do I need my own tent?


Your own tent is best. If you do not have a tent, please check with another adult who is going on the outing to see if you can share with

them, or check with the Troop Quartermaster to see if there will be an extra tent available for you to use. When camping, no youth is permitted to sleep in the tent of an adult other than his own parent or guardian. Councils are strongly encouraged to have separate shower and latrine facilities for females. When separate facilities are not available, separate times for male and female use should be scheduled and posted for showers.

Do I need my own food for outings?


Youth will be placed into Patrols and adults will be placed into the Adult Patrol for outings. Grubmasters will be assigned to purchase food for the outing after the Patrols meet to determine their menu. If you have specific dietary needs please inform your Patrol so that

appropriate accommodations can be made.





Can I bring one of my younger children along?


If the activity is considered a Family Campout, yes. Otherwise, you must contact the Scoutmaster or inquire at the Committee Meeting.

BSA Accident Insurance does not cover younger siblings unless they are registered Scouts and are invited along on the trip. Consider the type of outing as well.


Do I need a medical form?


Yes.  Please see the BSA Annual Health and Medical Record website:




Can I sign off on rank advancements?


Both adult and youth leaders approve Boy Scout advancement. This permits greater emphasis on standards and more consistency in

measurement, but it also places another level of importance on teaching and testing. As Scouts work with one another, learning takes place on both sides of the equation as they play teacher and student in turn. Parents are involved at home encouraging, mentoring, and supporting, but they do not sign for rank advancement requirements unless they serve as leaders or Lone Scout counselors.





How do I become a merit badge counselor?


Becoming a merit badge counselor is easy. Review the list of merit badges, decide what merit badges you would like to teach, fill out

the Merit Badge Counselor Information Form (available at                                                                                               ) and fill out the BSA Adult Application form (available at                                                                                                  ). You are required to complete a BSA Adult Application form even if you have completed one to register with the Troop already. Once completed submit these forms to the Troop Committee Chair for processing.


Who approves me as an adult leader and merit badge counselor?


There are multiple steps for approval. First, your application is approved by the Troop Committee Chair and Charter Organization

Representative or designee. Then it is turned into the Council Office where the District Executive reviews and approves it. The final

steps are the background checks completed by the BSA and Tucson Dioceses. See the background check information above for more







Where are the necessary forms?


Forms are available on the Troop website as well as on Nations website at  




What merit badges do we need counselors for?


See the                            tab for a list of what Merit Badges currently have counselors. It is okay to sign up as a

Merit Badge Counselor for badges that already have counselors. This provides options for the boys. You may also be a counselor for more than one merit badge, there are no limits. Consider being available for all youth within the Council. Not all Troops have their own list and need the resources from outside their units.






Someone else in the troop is already signed up for a merit badge I want to do.  Can I sign up too?


Yes! Remember that saying, 'Many hands make light work'. If one adult is not available, it's great for the boys to be able to contact another one. It is okay to sign up as a Merit Badge Counselor for badges that already have counselors. This provides options for the boys. You may also be a counselor for more than one merit badge, there are no limits. Consider being available for all youth within the Council. Not all Troops have their own list and need the resources from outside their units.




Am I allowed to serve on Boards of Review?


For all ranks (except EAGLE) and EAGLE palms, a Board of Review consists of a minimum of three members of the Troop Committee or

available parents who are familiar with the process and program. A scout's parent is not permitted to serve on his/her son’s board of review panel.






Do I need any training?


There is training available depending on what volunteer position you will be helping with in the Troop. Please see the Troop Training Chair or Troop Committee Chair for more information on what training you may need to complete.





The troop seems to have a number of Assistant Scoutmasters.  Do we need any more?


It's always helpful to have more Assistant Scoutmasters.  To become one you must fill out an Adult Application form (Membership tab) and a Diocesan application and submit them to the Troop Committee Chair. You will then be provided with information on what training is required and how to complete it.





Are there different types/ranks of Assistant Scoutmasters?


No.  An Assistant Scoutmaster may be 'assigned' to a specific group of boys, but the level of training for that position is the same.







Is there an adult handbook I should read?


There are so many to choose from. The best ones are the Scoutmaster Handbook, Troop Committee Guidebook and Guide to Safe Scouting.  These are available at the Scout Store or check with another leader who may have a copy you can borrow.




If I become an Assistant Scoutmaster, does that mean I will later be expected to become Scoutmaster?


No! It just means you will be helping out.







What is "Friends of Scouting"?


When a boy joins Scouting he pays a $15.00 national fee which goes directly to support the services we receive from our National Office. In order to keep scouting affordable for all boys; in lieu of a local fee each Council runs an annual Friends of Scouting Campaign. The annual campaign is an opportunity for families, friends, alumni, business and community organizations to support scouting. Your support of Scouting, through the annual Friends of Scouting Campaign will helps us to continue and reach out and serve another generation of youth. Without these donations the Council would not be able to provide services necessary for the units. How much should I give? Gifts can be made as one time payments, quarterly or monthly contributions, or automatic withdrawals from your account. Each donor is asked to consider underwriting the cost of one Scout each year. The Troop receives special benefits from the Council based on the amount of donations collected.




How does Friends of Scouting impact the troop?


By supporting FOS, the youth in our Troop will have the resources needed to have a quality program. These resources include: Scout

Camps, Trainings, Materials, Badges, Scholarships, etc. If the Troop meets one or all of it's goals, then some resources will be provided

by the Council. (Eagle Badges, advancements, etc.) These goals are determined by the Council each FOS year.






I know that we are only asked to contribute within our means, but is there an average donation per scout that the district is looking for?


The cost for the Council to provide Scouting per youth is announced each year by the Council when the FOS campaign starts. Your contribution, no matter what amount, is always welcomed.





How do I get the form for Friends of Scouting?


Forms for Friends of Scouting will be provided at the time of the annual presentation to the Troop.






What is our council name, district name, etc. for the troop?


Catalina Council, Spanish Trails District, Troop 007.




I see some of the adults wearing those cool scout uniforms.  Can I get one too?


Yes! Any registered adult can wear an adult leader uniform.  There is no approval needed to wear the uniform, you only need be a

registered leader.







In addition to the troop number, what badges should go on the adult uniform?


Council Shoulder Patch, World Scouting Emblem, Troop number, and if you hold a position (ie: Troop Committee, Asst. Scoutmaster, etc.).  Remember: Only youth under the age of 18 may wear ranks badges.  Adult leader training and recognition knots may also be worn on your uniform.




How do the scout accounts work?


Within the Troop, the Scouts participate in Fundraisers. A portion of the proceeds are placed into their individual Scout accounts within the main Troop account. Scouts may use these funds to help pay for activities they participate in. To find out how much is in your Scout account please see the Troop Treasure.





My son wants to be a scout, but I'm not sure if I can handle the expenses.  Is financial aid available?


Yes. The Troop has a 'uniform closet' for 'experienced' uniforms. And, if there is a hardship, whether for registration or camp fees, just let any member of the Troop Scholarship Committee know. It is the job of the Troop Scholarship Committee to review and approve any requests for help. The Council office has a hardship application that can also be filled out to assist with obtaining a uniform, book, or camp fees.



If you have other questions, please do not hesitate to ask any member of the Troop. Remember, no question is ever silly....unless it is unasked!